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What's the Initiate's Club?

"I believe that by connecting regularly we can use our collective energy
to reach
new heights and break through barriers." - Zia

The Initiate's Club was created to be a CommUnity where like minded individuals can network and receive discounts on all of Zia's upcoming event. If you're of looking to raise the vibrational frequency of yourself and the planet this club is for you. Through our monthly meetings, workshops, and other events, Zia strives to help members reach optimal balance and live an inspired life. We invite you to join us on this journey and open yourself up to the possibilities that await you.

Beach Sand

Membership Levels

This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your website has to offer.


Why Should I Join?

Welcome to Zia DeLuna, the ultimate spiritual journey experience! Immerse yourself in a world of contemplation and discovery as our guides lead you on paths of exploration and self-reflection. Join our Initiate Club for exclusive discounts and insider knowledge on our upcoming journeys.

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